Tuition Policy

Tuition and fees must be paid, or payments must be arranged with the Wausau Conservatory of Music (WCM), before a student begins a lesson, class or ensemble. Students are not considered registered until payment has been made. Tuition is charged for the full semester; however, payment plans are available. All additional fees are non-refundable.

We are committed to working with students of all economic means and we also offer financial assistance and scholarships for students.

Individual Lessons Tuition Rates

Lesson Length Per Semester (17 weeks)
30 minutes $607.75
45 minutes $911.63
60 minutes $1215.50


Group Classes and Ensembles Tuition

Prices for classes and ensembles vary by offering and length of session. Please visit our lessons page on our website for more information.



  • All fees are non-refundable.
  • Registration Fee – $40 once per family, per school year, fee for lessons.
  • Payment Plan Fee – $15 once per family, per semester, for selecting a payment plan.
  • Late Payment Fee – $25 for any payments received after the specified payment plan deadlines.
  • Returned Payment Fee – $25 for any payments returned for insufficient funds in an account or because of closed accounts.




WCM accepts payment by mail, in person or on our website. We can accept cash, check and all major credit cards. Charges may appear on your statement “ACT” or “Active” while the charge is in the pending state. The name of the charge will be updated to “ACT-WausauConservatory” after the charge is fully processed.


Payment Options

Pay in Full One payment Full payment due at registration, before the first lesson of the semester.
Split Payment Plan Two payments* First payment due at registration. Second payment due October 15 (fall semester) or March 15 (spring semester). Automatic withdrawals may be arranged.
Monthly Payment Plan Four payments* First payment due at registration. Subsequent payments are due on the last Friday of each month of the semester. Automatic withdrawals may be arranged.

* Payment plan fee is due upon initializing any payment plans.




Returned Payment Policy

WCM may charge a $25 processing fee for checks returned for non-sufficient funds. Penalties assessed on a returned check will be charged to the student’s account.

When a check is returned, WCM reserves the right to require payment by cash or certified funds.


Failure to Pay

The Wausau Conservatory of Music will suspend instruction when students do not meet their financial obligations and payments. If we suspend instruction, students are still liable for the full cost of instruction. Tuition credit or make-up lessons are not given as a result of lessons missed due to suspension.


Withdrawals and Refunds

A withdrawal is considered the discontinuation of any or all studies at the Conservatory. All requests for withdrawals must be submitted, in writing or by email, to the registrar before any student will be considered withdrawn. Verbal requests or notification of intention to withdraw made directly to a student’s instructor do not fulfill this requirement. The date on which the written withdrawal is received by the Conservatory, not the last date of attendance, is considered as the official date of withdrawal. Tuition refunds for classes will be considered when written notice of withdrawal is received. Refunds because of a student’s withdrawal are for tuition only. The registration fee is non-refundable. Complete refunds (including the registration fee) will be issued only if a class is canceled by the Conservatory or the instructor.


Withdrawal from Classes

100 percent of the tuition is refundable if the student withdraws before classes or lessons begin; 75 percent of the tuition is refundable during the first week; 50% during the second week; and 25 percent during the third week of the semester. Any exceptions to this policy can be determined by the Executive Director.

Withdrawal from Individual Instruction

All students are expected to attend scheduled lessons. Failure to attend scheduled lessons will result in forfeit of the missed lesson and fees paid for the lesson. A student who wishes to withdraw from individual instruction must give the Registrar’s office two weeks written (or email) notice. The student is responsible for payment for those two lessons and may attend them if he or she chooses. Informing a teacher of intent to withdraw does not constitute adequate notice to the Conservatory. If proper notification has been received, the student will be refunded for any lessons remaining beyond the two-week notification period.