Music programs

for all ages and abilities.

The Wausau Conservatory of Music provides a broad range of vocal and instrumental music classes for students of all ages and abilities. The Conservatory‘s diverse spectrum of music programs — early childhood music classes, private vocal and instrumental lessons, music ensembles and summer youth music programs — are led by expert, professional musicians and educators who empower and inspire our students.

New to the Conservatory?

We will help you find a music program that’s the perfect fit!

Our friendly staff will work one-on-one with you to identify a music program
and instructor best suited to you.
Contact Lynn Riska, Director of Registration, at 715.845.6279 x102.

Why Wausau Conservatory of Music?

  • Customized music education. Private lessons are tailored to the individual’s skill level and interests, taught by exceptional faculty artists.
  • Music opportunities for everyone. We provide music lessons for everyone — no matter your age, ability or economic status.
  • Explore before you decide. We provide free demonstrations for most instrument and voice lessons, and allow potential students to observe Suzuki program lessons before they register.
  • Flexbility. New students may sign up for an entire semester (15 – 17 weeks), or opt for our Introductory 8-Week Trial Session.
  • Financial aid. The Conservatory offers $45,000 in tuition assistance each year and many of our students are awarded scholarships from their schools.
  • Personalized tours. Explore our 19,000-square-foot facility with its concert halls, group and individual rehearsal rooms and instructor studios. We are open 9 – 5 Monday through Friday.

Music education facilitates learning and skills development in other subject areas.

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