Summer 2022 Offerings

Diverse programs for children ages 4-18
String Ensembles

String Orchestra Camp

June 20-24, 12:30-4pm

Grades 6-12 | $175 per student

Large and small ensemble instruction to challenge students at a personal level. A fast-paced fun week for string players. Lots of different activities throughout the week. Recital on Friday.

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Piano Camp

Kids on Keys

June 28-July 8 (No class on Mondays)

Two sessions available | $149 per student

Session 1: 9am – 10am for ages 4-5.
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Session 2: 10:30am – 11:30am for ages 6-7.
Program times have been updated to reflect correct duration and start times.

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A comprehensive musical experience for children. With a piano emphasis, children gain a heightened curiosity about music and enthusiasm for the piano.

General Music

Music Cadets

July 11-15, 9am-11am

Ages 4-7 | $109 per student

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Students explore various musical instruments by sight, sound, and touch. Explore the piano, guitar, strings (violin, viola, cello), and Flute. Sing as a group, learn rhythm and movement through song, and end each morning with a musical craft project, snack and storytime.

Scouting Badge

Scouting Badge Music Camp

July 18-21, 9am-12pm (No class on Friday)

Grades 4-12 | $20 per student

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Classes will take place at the Scouting Building on Camp Phillips Road in Weston.

Earn your Scouting Music Badge! Learn about different musical instruments and the history of American music. Students teach songs to others or compose their own piece of music. Classes will take place at the Scouting Building on Camp Phillips Road in Weston.

STEAM Education

The Science of Music with Snapshot Science

July 18-21 (No class on Friday)

Two sessions available | $170 per student

Session 1: 9am-11:30am for grades 1-3

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Session 2: 1:00pm – 3:30pm for grades 4-6

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Each day will be filled with the wonders of music from a scientific perspective.  Campers will enjoy exploring music by creating sounds, building simple instruments and models, performing controlled experiments, making music, and more.  Come join the fun!


Musical Theatre VOCAL Camp for Tweens

July 25-29, 9am-12:30pm

Grades 5-8 | $160 per student

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Musical Theatre camp with an emphasis on acting with your voice. Especially geared towards students entering 5th-8th grade. Learn how to project your voice, how to bring a character alive, how to have poise and confidence when auditioning and performing. Public recital on Friday at 1:00pm.


Musical Theatre VOICE Camp

August 1-5, 9am-1:00pm

Grades 9-12 | $160 per student

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Work on vocal production and presentation skills in a nurturing environment. Create a character with your voice. Grades 9-12.

Build constructive habits for strong vocal technique. This includes introducing breath support, healthy alignment in the body, clarity of text and accuracy of pitch and rhythm. These habits will act as a basis for their development to ultimately enhance each students passion for music and the performing arts.

Music Appreciation

When Magic Happens

June 6, 13, 20, 6:30pm-8:00pm

Classes are $49 each

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There certainly are a handful of musical performances that “take us to another place,” and when they do, words cannot describe the “magic” that literally happens on stage.  Join us to explore some of the most memorable moments in classical music that should not be missed!

Music Appreciation

Musical Underdogs

June 27, July 11 and 18, 6:30pm-8:00pm

Classes are $49 each

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Unfortunately, not all great musical works receive equal notoriety, thus many of these compositions get easily overlooked or are not performed often enough.  Join us to survey some of music’s most neglected gems which you’ll want to add to your classical library!

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