Music Cadets
July 12-16 | 9 - 11 am

Let’s have some fun exploring music!

This year's Music Cadets will focus on the fun of music. Students will learn about instruments and how they make their sounds, how music is so much a part of our every-day lives, and learn how to play music together as an ensemble.

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What you'll learn and discuss

Music is a way for children to connect with themselves and a bridge for connecting with others.

With the emphasis on fun, Music Cadets will learn some basic concepts about music, be introduced to a variety of instruments, and learn how to play as an ensemble.

The camp culminates with a mini-concert on Friday, July 16th as the students play piece they learn together.

Concert attendance policy will follow Marathon County and CDC Guidelines and will be communicated to students and families closer to the camp date.

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Registration for Music Cadets: $99

Some tuition assistance is available.