Music Together

Share the Joy of Family Music!


Learning that’s Fun and Formative


Family-Style Environment


Diverse Songs for All Ages


A Community of Family and Friends

This program is lead by WCM Teaching Artist, Angela Sedrak.

The great thing about our music is that adults love it as much as children do! All Music Together® songs were designed to inspire families to listen, sing, and make music together both at home and on the road. And the songs have been pitched in the perfect range so that even very young children can sing along.

The award-winning music spans nine different collections. The songs are a mix of original and traditional tunes from a variety of genres and styles—folk, blues, rock, jazz, classical, and world music—so there’s something for everyone.

Singing and dancing with children is so much fun, it’s easy to overlook how much they’re learning in the process. Gaining basic music skills is one of the most obvious benefits of our early childhood music program, but there are other, less obvious benefits of music for children, too. It turns out that learning music also supports social, emotional, cognitive, and physical development. Read about the benefits of music for every age and stage.

Music Together

Ages 0-4

The fall semester program has been postponed due to COVID19. Please check back soon for information regarding the spring semester program.