Enriching lives

through music.

Who We Are

Wausau Conservatory of Music, located in Wausau, Wisconsin,  is a non-profit school of quality music education serving Central Wisconsin.  Students of all ages and abilities are encouraged to realize their potential and musical goals in a safe and nurturing setting with instructors, performing artists themselves, who provide private lessons, ensembles, camps, master classes, music appreciation, and performance opportunities. Whether students wish to become  professional musicians, hone their skills for personal fulfillment, or just wishes to learn more about music theory, literature or history, WCM is the perfect place to be.

WCM plans its lesson schedules on the public school semester calendar. However, new students are welcome at any time with flexible scheduling for private lessons. Scholarships and tuition assistance are made possible through the generosity of community organizations, businesses and private donors to ensure that those who wish to learn are not hindered by financial constraints.

In addition to the varied studios for musical instruction, WCM is proud to provide more than 60 musical performances each year by students, faculty and guest performers free to the public in the Caroline S. Mark Concert Hall.

Through partnerships with area schools, businesses, benefactors, faculty and families, WCM is able to provide the critical support for all students to receive the best in musical education and the community with some of the best performances in the state.



The Wausau Conservatory of Music provides exceptional music education and performances that enrich the lives of students, families, faculty, and the community.

Why the Wausau Conservatory of Music?

  • Customized music education. Private lessons are tailored to the individual’s skill level and interests, taught by exceptional faculty artists.
  • Music opportunities for everyone. We provide music lessons for everyone — no matter your age, ability or economic status.
  • Explore before you decide. We provide free demonstrations for most instrument and voice lessons, and allow potential students to observe Suzuki program lessons before they register.
  • Flexbility. New students may sign up for an entire semester (15 – 17 weeks), or opt for our Introductory 8-Week Trial Session.
  • Financial aid. The Conservatory offers $45,000 in tuition assistance each year and many of our students are awarded scholarships from their schools.
  • Personalized tours. Explore our 19,000-square-foot facility with its concert halls, group and individual rehearsal rooms and instructor studios. We are open 9 – 5 Monday through Friday.

Our Board


  • Amy Ryan, President
  • Andrea Sczygelski, Vice President
  • Laura Ramsey, Secretary
  • Sarah Verber, Treasurer


  • Lucy Clancy
  • Eric Jacobson
  • Betsy Keefe
  • Carol Lamansky


  • Hang McDonald
  • Keith Montgomery
  • Camille Nicklaus
  • Lori Peck
  • Elizabeth Reeths