Enriching lives

through music.

Who We Are

The Wausau Conservatory of Music is an independent, non-profit music school whose mission is to transform the lives of students by providing them with access to high-quality music education and opportunities in Central Wisconsin. We help musicians of all ages and abilities reach their potential by offering a diverse range of music lessons, ensembles, camps and performances to suit their personal needs and goals.



The Wausau Conservatory of Music provides exceptional music education and performances that enrich the lives of students and their families, faculty, and members of the community.

Why the Wausau Conservatory of Music?

  • The Wausau Conservatory of Music provides opportunities for students of all ages, abilities, interests and backgrounds.
  • We offer a variety of student performance and financial aid scholarships to ensure that all students have the opportunity to realize their potential.
  • Our faculty utilizes their educational expertise and performance experience to help students build skills that will serve them well in their musical, educational and professional pursuits.
  • We host more than 40 musical performances each year, providing students with critical experience while sharing their talents and abilities with the larger community.
  • Our 19,000-square foot facilities include private lesson studios, rehearsal rooms and the Caroline Mark Concert Hall.
  • Our partnerships with area schools, businesses, organizations, benefactors and families provide us with a critical support network that ensures we can fulfill our mission and provide the community with some of the best musical education and performance opportunities in the state.

Our Board


  • Keith Montgomery, President
  • Amy Ryan, Vice President
  • Joshua Kropp, Secretary
  • Marlys Kluck, Treasurer


  • Lucy Clancy
  • Diane Goetsch
  • Sandy Heywood
  • Hang McDonald


  • Laura Ramsey
  • Elizabeth Reeths
  • Andrea Sczygelski
  • Tyler Seehafer